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Future Events

No future events scheduled.

Past Events

February 28, 2020
Managing Public Digital Infrastructure: Ensuring Citizens Benefit from Smart Technologies
Presented by Kurtis McBride, Co-founder and CEO of Miovision. (read more)

January 31, 2020
Understanding the Role of the City of Toronto Transit Expansion Office
Presented by Derrick Toigo, Executive Director, Transit Expansion Office, City of Toronto. (read more)

November 29, 2019
Greater Toronto Area West Transportation Corridor Study Update
Presented by Rina Kulathinal, Area Manager, Route Planning & Transit Initiatives, Ministry of Transportation. (read more)

October 25, 2019
TTC's 5-Year Service Plan & 10-Year Outlook
Presented by Stephanie Simard Craig, Senior Planner, System and Policy, Strategy and Service Planning Department. (read more)

October 4, 2019
Infrastructure Ontario Market Update 2019
Presented by Michael Lindsay, President, Project Delivery, Infrastructure Ontario. (read more)

June 20, 2019
Join us on Thursday, June 20th for a tour of the new Whitby Rail Maintenance Facility. (read more)

May 31, 2019
Tested By Fire: Remembering the Mississauga Train Derailment
Presented by Matthew Wilkinson, staff Historian at Heritage Mississauga (read more)

April 26, 2019
An Introduction to the Port Lands Flood Protection Enabling Infrastructure Project
Presented by Meggen Janes, Director of Soil and Groundwater Management & Brownfield Approvals, Waterfront Toronto. (read more)

March 1, 2019
Toronto Pearson's Regional Transit and Passenger Centre
Presented by Jesse Koehler, Associate Principal, Access Planning (read more)

February 1, 2019
Preparing for Automated Vehicles at the City of Toronto
Presented by Ryan Lanyon
Chair, Interdivisional Working Group on Automated Vehicles at the City of Toronto. (read more)

November 30, 2018
Mississauga’s Transportation and Transit Initiatives. The Year of the Master Plans
Presented by Helen Noehammer, Director of Transportation and Infrastructure Planning, and Susan Tanabe, Manager of Transportation Planning for the City of Mississauga. (read more)

November 2, 2018
Keeping a Transit System Safe: How GO became Guardians of the Journey for 72 million passengers. Presented by Bill Grodzinski, Director Transit Safety, Metrolinx (read more)

October 5, 2018
Union Station Progress Update
Presented by Trevor Anderson, Union Station Program Sponsor. (read more)

June 21, 2018
Join us on Thursday, June 21st for a tour of the King Street Transit Pilot Project, led by David Kuperman, Manager of Surface Transit Projects at the City of Toronto. (read more)

May 25, 2018
Ontario's Value Process - Modern Project Delivery (AFP)
Presented by Chris Gauer, P.Eng., President, Major Projects, Infrastructure Ontario (read more)

April 27, 2018
The 2041 Regional Transportation Plan: From Plan to Making it Happen with Antoine Belaieff, Director of Regional Planning at Metrolinx.

(read more)

March 2, 2018
Vision Zero in Canada
Presented by Pamela Fuselli, Vice President, Knowledge Transfer and Stakeholder Relations at Parachute, and Liliana Quintero, Transportation Engineer at the City of Vancouver. (read more)

January 26, 2018
King Street Transit Pilot: Moving People More Efficiently, Supporting Business, and Improving Public Space. Presented by David Hunter, P.Eng., Senior Transportation Planner at the City of Toronto (read more)

November 24, 2017
High Speed Rail in Ontario - An overview of the findings of the Special Advisor’s Report and update on the current status of the project, with Steven Levene, Director, Major Rail Project Office, Ministry of Transportation. (read more)

October 27, 2017
Leveraging public infrastructure procurements to drive local social and economic impacts.
Presented by Jon Elkin, Vice President of OMX. (read more)

September 22, 2017
Dundas Connects - A master plan for rapid transit and intensified urban development for Dundas Street in Mississauga.
Presented by Andrew Miller, Strategic Leader, City of Mississauga. (read more)

June 16, 2017
York University Station tour with Joanna Kervin, Director, Third Party, Planning, and Property, TYSSE. (read more)

May 26, 2017
Managed Lanes – Some Like It HOT!
Presented by Bronwyn Cuthbertson Manager, HOT Lanes Pilot Office, Ministry of Transportation (read more)

April 27, 2017
The 2041 Regional Transportation Plan: From Plan to Making it Happen with Antoine Belaieff, Director of Regional Planning at Metrolinx (read more)

April 21, 2017
Transportation Priorities in Toronto
Presented by Barbara Gray, General Manager, Transportation Services, City of Toronto (read more)

February 24, 2017
PRESTO, Transforming the Way our Region Moves, Presented by Kim Hopps Director, Client Management and Business Development at PRESTO (read more)

January 27, 2017
Future of Urban Mobility by Private Cars
Presented by Brett Chang, Public Policy Associate, Uber Canada (read more)

November 25, 2016
Toronto-York Spadina Subway Extension: Progress a Year Out From Revenue Service
Presented by Joanna Kervin, Director, Third Party, Planning and Property, TTC-TYSSE (read more)

October 28, 2016
Making Big Transportation Data Useful: Insights from the City of Toronto with Jesse Coleman, Big Data Innovation Team Lead, City of Toronto (read more)

September 30, 2016
Join us at noon, at our new location, 97 Front Street, ground floor meeting room (West of Union Station) for:

Integrated Transit Fares for the GTHA, with Eve Wyatt, P.Eng., Senior Manager, Planning and Policy, Metrolinx.

(read more)

June 17, 2016
Luncheon and Mississauga Transitway Tour (read more)

May 27, 2016
Join us on Friday, May 27th at noon for an informative discussion about bike-sharing programs in Toronto and Hamilton. (read more)

April 29, 2016
The Big Review Metrolinxs review and update of The Big Move regional transportation plan, with Lisa Salsberg, Senior Manager of Systems Planning, Regional Planning division (Planning and Policy) at Metrolinx. (read more)

February 26, 2016
Throw away your license? The state of self-driving technology and the future of mobility, with Prof. Steven L. Waslander, Director, Waterloo Autonomous Vehicles Laboratory, University of Waterloo (read more)

January 29, 2016
Toronto Pearson: Union Station West?, with Eileen Waechter, Director Airport Planning, 
Toronto Pearson International Airport (read more)

November 27, 2015
The Missing Link: Improving Transportation in the Western GTHA, with Martin Powell, Commissioner of Transportation & Works, City of Mississauga and Lee Sims, Director, IBI Group. (read more)

October 30, 2015
Congestive Traffic Failure: The Case for High-Occupancy Toll Lanes in Canadian Cities, with Benjamin Dachis, Senior Policy Analyst, C.D. Howe Institute (read more)

October 2, 2015
Ensuring transportation is safe, fair and efficient: collaboration and communication in case-making, with Hilary Holden, Director of Transit and Sustainable Transportation at the City of Toronto (read more)

June 24, 2015
Join us for a ride on the Union Pearson Express (read more)

May 29, 2015
Transportation Strategies for the Pan Am and Parapan Games with Andrew Posluns, Executive Director of the Pan/Parapan Am Games Branch at the Ministry of Transportation (read more)

April 24, 2015
Managing Congestion in Toronto with Myles A. Currie, Director, Traffic Management Centre, City of Toronto (read more)

February 27, 2015
Lessons from the Transportation Tomorrow Survey with David Crowley (read more)

January 30, 2015
How The Passenger Charter Transformed GO Transit with Mary Proc, Vice President, Customer Service at GO Transit, a division of Metrolinx. (read more)

November 28, 2014
Rapid Transit -- A Game Changer for Mississauga with Andy Harvey, Director, Engineering and Construction, City of Mississauga (read more)

October 31, 2014
Moving into the Future: The Importance of Multi-modal Transportation Planning to the Ontario Economy with John Best, Executive Director, Southern Ontario Gateway Council (read more)

September 19, 2014
Transportation Infrastructure P3s - Lessons Learned with Matti Siemiatycki, Associate Professor of Geography and Planning, University of Toronto. (read more)

June 20, 2014
Union Station Precinct An overview of TTC, Metrolinx, and City of Toronto projects at Union Station [including presentation by TTC Project Manager Malcolm MacKay and tour*] (read more)

May 23, 2014
Using Transit to Build Communities with Paul May, Chief Engineer, vivaNext, York Region Rapid Transit Corporation (read more)

April 25, 2014
Metrolinx Toronto LRT Projects Update
With John Jensen, Vice President, Capital Program Delivery, Rapid Transit Implementation at Metrolinx (read more)

February 28, 2014
Managing Congestion in Toronto with Stephen Buckley, General Manager, Transportation Services, City of Toronto (read more)

January 24, 2014
Transportation Overview: 2015 Pan/Parapan Am Games
With Gary Jamieson, Pan/Parapan Am Games Branch at Ministry of Transportation (read more)

November 29, 2013
Connected Vehicle R&D in the U.S. Benefits and Challenges with Brendon Hemily, Ph.D., ITS America (read more)

October 25, 2013
GO Transit: Where Weve Been and Where Were Going with Gary McNeil, President of GO Transit (read more)

September 20, 2013
A Perspective on Ottawas Rapid Transit Evolution with David Hopper of Delcan (read more)

June 21, 2013
GTTC social/networking event at the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum (read more)

May 24, 2013
Feeling Congested: New Movements in Transportation Planning by Jennifer Keesmaat, Chief Planner for the City of Toronto (read more)

April 26, 2013
Taking the Road Together: Peel Regions New Approaches to Transportation
With Steve Ganesh, Manager, Transportation Program Planning, Region of Peel (read more)

March 22, 2013
A presentation by Andy Byford, Chief Executive Officer at the Toronto Transit Commission (read more)

February 22, 2013
Pedestrian and crowd simulation at Union Station
With Erin Morrow of Arup (Product Director, MassMotion Simulation Software and Pedestrian Planner, Transportation Consulting) (read more)

January 25, 2013
An Update on the Metrolinx Light Rail Program, with Jack Collins, Executive Vice President - Rapid Transit Implementation (read more)

November 23, 2012
Planning and Building Rapid Transit in the Toronto Area: A Century of Proposals, Process, Politics and Paralysis, with Ed Levy (read more)

September 28, 2012
Highway 407 East Development: Progress and Challenges
Peter Chackeris, Manager of Major Projects Office, Ministry of Transportation
Hwy. 407 is being extended to Highway 35/115. The 407 East Development Group (407EDG) was selected by the Ontario Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure Ontario to design, build, finance, and maintain Phase 1 of Highway 407 East. (read more)

June 22, 2012
Toronto-York Spadina Subway Extension: Progress, Successes, and Challenges to Date --- Joanna Kervin, Deputy Chief Project Manager for the Spadina subway extension project (read more)

May 25, 2012
Porter Airlines: Flying redefined
With Robert J. Deluce, President and CEO, Porter Airlines
Learn what it has taken for Porter to survive for more than five years against cutthroat competition and what the future holds for Porter. (read more)

April 27, 2012
The Windsor Essex Parkway: The Many Firsts in Ontario Road Projects === Ontario is leading the delivery of a new $1.4-billion highway -- the Windsor-Essex Parkway, the largest current road infrastructure project in the province. Garfield Dales, Manager of Project Delivery for the Windsor Border Initiatives Implementation Group, will share the story of the Windsor-Essex Parkway. He will discuss the background, challenges, and opportunities from the perspective of the owner. (read more)

February 24, 2012
Andrew Posluns, Ontario Ministry of Transportation --- Ontario's new Transit-Supportive Guidelines (read more)

January 27, 2012
Brampton Zum How Little Things Add Up to Big Success with Tom Mulligan, Commissioner of Works and Transportation for the City of Brampton (read more)

November 25, 2011
Commuting to Work: Results of the 2010 General Social Survey with Martin Turcotte, researcher at Statistics Canada. (read more)

October 28, 2011
John Campbell, President and CEO, Waterfront Toronto - Waterfront Revitalization (read more)

September 23, 2011
Kathleen Llewellyn-Thomas, Commissioner of Transportation for the Regional Municipality of York -- Growing Up & Growing Old Transportation Programs, Issues and Challenges in York Region (read more)

June 24, 2011
York University is Canadas third largest university, with more than 65,000 students, staff, and faculty (including Seneca@York). York is an excellent example of success made possible through sustainable transportation. (read more)

May 27, 2011
The Union Station area is being transformed, including a new northwest path under York Street from Union to Wellington Street, a second TTC platform, and Metrolinx trainshed construction. Hear all the news from Chuck Donohue, Executive Director, Facilities Management Division, City of Toronto. (read more)

April 29, 2011
Judi Cohen and Ron Aitken from SNC Lavalin Transportation Group will make a presentation regarding the recently successful experience with the Private Public Partnership for the development of the Canada Line in Vancouver. The ambitious plans for rapid transit expansion in Ontario brings into focus a number of questions and challenges pertaining to the securing of adequate project financing. In this regard, the lessons learned from the Vancouver experience are of particular interest. (read more)

November 26, 2010
Richard Gilbert, Transport Consultant, columnist and former City of Toronto and Metro Toronto Councillor (1976-1991), spoke to GTTC on Electrifying Torontos Transportation: Sooner and Later. (read more)

October 29, 2010
Dr. Louisa B. Gembora, Clinical Psychologist, will speak on " Drivers - Behaviour, Perception, Personality. Delays caused by road congestion increases driver frustration and impatience and often precipitate a lack of courtesy toward other road users. A central issue regarding the promotion of active transportation is how to safely share the road right-of-way among cars, trucks, bicyclists and pedestrians.

Dr. Gembora will address a number of related factors from the perspective of her practice involving Clinical, Forensic, and Rehabilitation Psychology plus her experience as a race car driver as well as instructing and coaching high performance driving. She enjoys showing the average driver and the competitive racer how to improve their cognitive agility, focus, accuracy and efficiency of thinking with respect to attention, working memory, and executive decision-making while helping them learn to control emotions such as fear, anger, and excitement. For several years she has been one of the judges on the TV show, Canadas Worst Driver. (read more)

September 24, 2010
Daryl J. Barnett, Director - Railway Corridor Infrastructure, Metrolinx will speak on: "GO Rail Corridor Capacity Increases - to the Airport & beyond ". (read more)

May 28, 2010
Angus Cranston, Senior Project Manager, Union Station Revitalization, with the City of Toronto will be the guest speaker and the title of his presentation will be The Revitalization of Union Station. (read more)

February 26, 2010
Elyse Parker, Director, Public Realm Section, Transportation Services, City of Toronto will make a presentation entitled "Toronto at 3 miles an Hour". In the context of its sustainability objectives, the City has developed a Walking Strategy as a framework for renewing and revitalizing the pedestrian realm. This is fundamental to promoting a greater emphasis on active transportation. (read more)

January 29, 2010
Mark Rivett, Senior Vice President, Aecon Construction and Materials, was the guest speaker and the title of his presentation was the "A Contractors Perspective on Transportation Infrastructure in the GTA and beyond". (read more)

November 27, 2009
Al Kirkpatrick, Manager of Strategic Planning for the City of Hamilton will be the guest speaker and the title of his presentation is the "New Transportation Agenda for the City of Hamilton. (read more)

October 30, 2009
Martin Powell, Commissioner, Transportation and Works, City of Mississauga will be the guest speaker and the title of his presentation is " Updates on the Mississauga BRT and Mississauga/ Brampton Hurontario/ Main Rapid Transit Study". (read more)

September 25, 2009
Don Loucks, Architect, Heritage Planner and Associate with IBI, will speak about the issues and challenges associated with the rehabilitation of the Union Station Historic Train Shed which is a key element of Go Transits infrastructure improvement program for the Union Station rail corridor. (read more)

June 23, 2009
Tuesday June 23rd -- Special Meeting -- GO Transit Willowbrook M>aintenance Facility -- commencing @ 11:45am and concluding not later than 2:30pm. Lunch will be provided. (read more)

May 29, 2009
Gary Welsh, General Manager, Transportation Services Division for the City of Toronto will be the guest speaker and the title of his presentation is The Road Ahead. (read more)

April 17, 2009
Paul Bedford, Member of the Metrolinx Board, will be out guest speaker and his topic will be "Funding the Vision", focusing on the strategies needed fund the Regional Transportation Plan of Metrolinx for the GTHA. Also, Paul will be taking this opportunity to have a dialogue with members about the various options and associated priorities that he believes must be considered to build a great regional transit system. (read more)

February 27, 2009
Richard Gilbert will be making a presentation on Child and Youth Friendly Land Use and Transport Planning Guidelines for Ontario. This set of 21 guidelines resulted from research and analysis mostly funded by the Public Health Agency of Canada. Richard will explain the origin of the guidelines and the rationale for each. (read more)

January 30, 2009
Mary Frances Turner, the Vice President of York Region Rapid Transit Corporation will speak about vivaNext. (read more)

November 21, 2008
Graham Vincent, Director of Transportation Planning, Region of Waterloo will be our guest speaker and the topic of his presentation is: Moving Forward 2031 - Implementing the Provincial Growth Plan in Waterloo Region and making connections to the GTA. (read more)

October 17, 2008
Leslie Woo, General Manager, Policy and Planning at Metrolinx: The Big Move: A Draft Regional Transportation Plan for the GTHA. (read more)

September 19, 2008
MICHEL GRAVEL, Executive Director of the Transportation Association of Canada -- Transportation Association of Canada - Canada's Toolbox for Addressing Current and Emerging Transportation Infrastructure and Planning Issues. (read more)

June 20, 2008
Gary Webster, TTC Chief General Manager will be the guest speaker for the June 20th meeting. The title of his presentation is: TTC The Way Forward State of Good Repair Modernization and Expansion (read more)

May 23, 2008
Gary McNeil, Managing Director and CEO of GO Transit provided an update on GO Transit's 10 year plan and on their progress and issues regarding expansion and improvements. (read more)

April 18, 2008
Roger Hanmer, Regional Director, MTO Central Region

Provincial Highways in the GTA - Outlook and Issues (read more)

February 15, 2008
Bob Oliver is the Transportation Programme Director at Pollution Probe.

Bob presented an overview of the motor vehicle fuel efficiency project, highlighting the use of the Pollution Probe Approach (read more)

January 18, 2008
Mr. Joe Lam, Chair of ITS Canada made a presentation entitled "Advances in ITS Applications and Developments for the Future. (read more)

November 30, 2007
Professor Eric Miller, Interim Chair, Department of Civil Engineering, University of Toronto and Director, Joint Program in Transportation made a presentation entitled "Travel Behavior in the GTA - Trends and Prospects". (read more)

November 2, 2007
The speaker will be Rod McPhail, Director, Transportation Planning for the City of Toronto who will make a presentation on the recently completed plan regarding Sustainable Transportation Initiatives for the City. (read more)

September 28, 2007
GTA Fare System Project

David Smith, Senior Manager, GTA Fare System Project

An integrated interregional transit system can influence more people to leave their cars at home and reduce congestion on our roads and highways, thus supporting the goals of the GTTA and the province's Greater Golden Horseshoe Growth Plan.

The Province, municipalities and transit systems are working together to make transit more convenient for commuters by creating a virtual integrated transit system in the GTA through the GTA Fare System.

The presentation will include project objectives, status, branding, governance, contract and progress to date. (read more)

June 20, 2007
GTTC Annual Social & Networking Event Private Tour and Dinner at the Halton Radial Railway Museum (read more)

May 25, 2007
John W. Campbell President and Chief Executive Officer Waterfront Revitalization Corporation (read more)

May 4, 2007
Phil McNeely, Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister Transportation (read more)

March 23, 2007
Please note: The GTTC is taking a 'March Break' and there will not be a luncheon this month. (read more)

February 23, 2007
Minister of Public Infrastructure Renewal, Hon. David Caplan (read more)

January 26, 2007
Greater Toronto Transportation Authority - Chair, Rob MacIsaac (read more)

November 24, 2006
GO Transit Infrastructure Expansion Program

For this meeting, our guest presenter will be Kees Schipper. Since October, 2005, Kees has acted as Program Director of the AGM portion of GO TRIP, GO Transits infrastructure expansion program.

Kees will discuss GO Transit's infrastrucutre expansion program. The projects include adding many kilometres of new track on the Lakeshore and Georgetown lines to allow for better train service, underpasses or overpasses that will separate GO Train service from CPR or CN freight traffic on the Georgetown, Bradford, and Stouffville lines, and improvements to allow GO Train service to extend north to Barrie. At Union Station major construction projects include rehabilitation of the roof over the train platforms, a new platform for tracks 13 and 14, and a second GO concourse, in the west end of the building, also be replacing the tracks, modernizing the signal system, and building a midday train storage yard east of the station. (read more)

October 27, 2006
Ontario Community Transportation Association

For this meeting, we had a most interesting presentation. Our guest presenter was Beatrice Schmied, Executive Director, Ontario Community Transportation Association. The Ontario Community Transportation Association (OCTA) is the association of organizations and individuals committed to improving mobility for all people through the delivery of effective transportation services. OCTA members represent public transit systems, health and social service agency transportation providers, suppliers to the industry, consultants and government representatives.

Beatrice gave GTTC members an update on the activities of the OCTA generally and specifically discussed the new "Ontarians with Disabilities Act" (ODA Bill 125) and its significant implications for public transit services in Ontario. (read more)

June 28, 2006
Special Meeting - Tour the APM at LBPIA

This was a Special Meeting featuring a unique pre-public-opening guided tour of the new Automated People Mover at Lester B. Pearson International Airport courtesy of the good people at the Greater Toronto Airports Authority. The tour started at 3:30pm and was followed by a group dinner at the Sheraton Hotel Mahogany Grill. (read more)

May 26, 2006
Logisitics Solutions and New Strategies for Goods Movements

Our guest presenter will be Bas Groothedde, Senior Consultant, Mobility and Transportation Unit of TNO (Dutch Institute for Applied Science). Bas has a PhD from the Delft School of Technology. He is also a lecturer and author of many publications.

Bas has specialized in logistics network design for the retail industry and in managing complex design and implementation projects including advice on their government structure and logistics network. He has designed innovative mobility solutions for groups such as The Greenery (fresh vegetable network), The Ricoh Supply Network and the European Fashion Network.

Bas will discuss the development and implementation of logistics solutions and new strategies for goods movement recognizing the challenges of severe congestion. (read more)

April 28, 2006
The Smart Commute Initiative

The Smart Commute Initiative is a public-private partnership in the Greater Toronto Area and Hamilton for managing commuter transportation demand.

Ryan Lanyon is the Project Director for the Smart Commute Association and has worked in transportation demand management (TDM) since 1999 in both the nonprofit and government sectors. (read more)

February 24, 2006
State of Trucking in Ontario

David Bradley, CEO of the Canadian Trucking Alliance and President of the Ontario Trucking Association, made a presentation concerning the trucking industry in Ontario and the challenges it faces. (read more)

January 27, 2006
Canadian Railways - The State of the Industry.

Bruce Burrows, the Acting President and CEO of the Railway Association of Canada, was our guest speaker. With 60 some members, the Association represents virtually all freight and passenger railways operating in Canada today. (read more)

November 25, 2005
The Toronto Subway System - Past, Present and Future

Tom Middlebrook, P.Eng the Chief Engineer of the Toronto Transit Commission was our guest speaker. He gave an extensive and very interesting four part presentation on the history and outlook for the TTC subway system. (read more)

October 28, 2005
"Windsor Gateway - Gateway to the GTA"

John Tofflemire, General Manager of Public Works, City of Windsor will discuss the modern history of the international border crossing, and provide an update on the various studies underway (including the bi-national environmental assessment process) to determine the needs and long range solution. John will comment on the City of Windsor perspective on the issues. (read more)

September 23, 2005
The End of Cheap Transport Fuel

A relevant and timely topic presented by Richard Gilbert a well known urban issues consultant and author of "Energy and Transport Fuels" for the National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy. (read more)

June 16, 2005
We had a special social meeting which included a behind the scenes tour of Union Station, presentations of the past and future of the Station, and dinner at ACQUA Restorante. (read more)

April 22, 2005
Steven Staples and Robert McBride presented the findings and recommendations of a study recently completed for the City of Toronto relating to the technical and economic feasibility of Toronto hosting a major world's fair for six months during the year 2015. (read more)

February 25, 2005
Michael Roschlau the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Canadian Urban Transit Association addressed a variety of the most relevant issues facing the urban transit industry including foreseeable improvements in government funding. CUTA website is found at: <> (read more)

January 28, 2005
Pat Boeckner, Director of Transportation Planning MTO presented current initiatives of the provincial government intended to address the current and future transportation requirements of the steadily growing Greater Golden Horseshoe. (read more)

November 26, 2004
Brad Graham, Assistant Deputy Minister in the Ontario Growth Secretariat at the Ontario Ministry of Public Infrastructure Renewal discussed the Greenbelt Plan & the Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe. (read more)

October 29, 2004
Gary McNeil, Managing Director of GO Transit presented a status report on GO Transit's plans and priorities. (read more)