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November 30, 2018
Mississauga’s Transportation and Transit Initiatives – The Year of the Master Plans

Presented by Helen Noehammer, Director of Transportation and Infrastructure Planning, and Susan Tanabe, Manager of Transportation Planning for the City of Mississauga.

Mississauga is a dynamic, successful city that has grown rapidly over the last 40 years, offering families and businesses the freedom to grow. Cars and trucks have been an essential part of that growth, enabling people and goods to flow within and beyond the city. As Mississauga enters its next phase of growth, it is clear that the freedom to move around the city cannot be achieved without more options for mobility. In order to guide Mississauga through its next phase of growth, a number of Transportation and Transit Master Plans have been undertaken – thus making 2018 the Year of the Master Plans.

Helen and Susan will be presenting an overview of the Master Plans that are currently underway with the goal of providing a glimpse into Mississauga’s future. They are responsible for plotting the course that Mississauga will follow in developing that Transportation and Transit Network over the next 40 years. With their Engineering and Planning backgrounds they hopefully bring a balanced approach to the strategies that they are developing.

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